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It’s more than okay to be gifted

As far back as I can remember, I’ve known I am a healer. My mother told me over and over not to tell people about my gifts. People will think you are crazy and they will make fun of you, she said. She told me that showing what I can do is showing off and nobody likes a show off. By age 7 she had taught me how to not let myself feel physical pain. But she was very stern about not letting people know what I could do. I didn’t really know what all I could do but I believed her and kept to myself. I was about ten years old when a friend of mine had a bad head ache. I don’t know why but I told her to close her eyes and concentrate on the area that hurt. Then I put my palm over that area and told her to take a deep breath hold it and push that pain into my hand. I then inhaled deeply while she was exhaling and I somehow sucked that pain out into my hand and shook my hand profusely into the ground to let go of that pain. It worked! After that, whenever I saw somebody in pain I knew I had to help, so I would ask the person if they would allow me to help. I placed my hands on the place where I felt their pain and took the pain away. Once done I always begged the person not to tell anybody about what I did. And so I carried on for years and years, using my gifts of empathy, telepathy and healing pain but always afraid of “being found out”. It was my secret.

I started to open up a bit when I was 25 and was working on the oncology unit at a local hospital. I worked night shift as a Health Unit Coordinator. Some nurses would come to me with migraines and others totally upset about a patient who was going to die from cancer. I was able to take that pain away and nobody questioned me. It was accepted that it was just something I could do, and in exchange I got to go home half an hour early.

Then they realized that I not only had a healing touch, but also healing empathy , telepathy and no fear of death. When there was not much to do in the evenings, they asked if I could go sit with the patients they thought did not have much time to live and were not ready to die.

This was a great honor to me! With their permission I gave them light massages while doing my hands on healing to relieve them from as much pain as possible. I listened to them tell me anything they wanted, and since we did not know each other at all, they really “unloaded” and told me things they could not tell a family member. The nurses were quite happy with my results and I realized I did have a way to help and I did not have to hide it.

Not very long ago, I was sitting in my sacred spot, my garden. I was thinking about how FANTASTIC it is that I can use Reiki on abused children and victims that I work with and help them without their ever knowing. I can also perform Reiki on people who come to me at the East West bookshop because I am no longer afraid of openly sharing my gifts. All of a sudden I felt tears streaming down my face. I felt a warmth and calmness come over me. It was like I was being hugged by the Universe. I asked my guides and angels: what is this? Why do I feel so loved all of a sudden ? Love like I have never felt before.

I just kept feeling it but did not feel an answer. Later, during a Reiki session I received from my mentor, I asked the same questions and my message was this: the universe is proud of you. You finally are giving yourself permission to show and use your gifts to heal others. What you feel is love and joy from the universe.

So, my message for now is this: Never be afraid of doing good to others. Your intentions do not go unnoticed.


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