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Silver lining to our pain and suffering

When I was 18 years old living in Spain, I found myself homeless, making costume jewelry and selling it at the local farmer’s markets. I quickly learned how to survive on very little and it was a way of life I endured for about twoyears. At first it was kind of a scary adventure, but an adventure nevertheless. It became very tiresome and not a way of living that I would recommend to anybody. I knew I had to consult with my guides so that I could figure out how to proceed. After a few years, I was able to return to the U.S. and stay with my sister. It was certainly not easy at first, but with time, I was somewhat successful and have been self-employed for over 25 years now.

I have to say, the hard times I weathered in Spain are nothing compared to living with this coronavirus pandemic. In Spain, I had very few posessions and very few responsibilities, so I had little to lose. Now, I have a mortgage and bills to pay and pets to care for. My places of employement have closed and I have no idea when I will be able to work on a regular basis again. I have never been more afraid in all my life.

All this free time has made me realize that I must go within. I know I should take time to ask for spiritual guidance. I perceive that the message I am receiving is,“This is time for repair, to go deep inside and see what is asking for love and care.” It is not a time to force life as we knew it, to continue just as it had before. I sit outside and listen to the birds, the plants and life. I find myself crying from my deepest part of my soul. I have come to realize it is my empathic self recognizing how hurt this planet is from what humankind has done to it. It is not blaming me. It’s sharing its pain with me.

My guides are asking me to allow myself to feel, and toallow myself to cry when I feel hurt.  They are asking me to care for my little girl self, and to send her the love she so desperately needed and didn’t get enough of. It makesa huge difference when your soul feels loved.

This is a time for self reflection, for getting in touch  with our spiritual guides, for connecting with our higher self and living with what we have. (I have become an expert at stretching my budget.)

For the first time in forever, people are staying in touch more than ever, even if it must be from a distance. For the first time, I see people treating all others as people, regardless of race or credence. There are world wide concerts being given in an effort to thank all the healthcare workers and essential needs providers. All the artists are performing from home to ensure a safe distance.

There is a great silver lining to all of this. Our beautiful planet that we have taken for granted and hurt so badly for so long, is finally healing, and life as we knew it has changed. The whole world has come to a stop and the universe is forcing us to look deep into our souls. It’s asking us to really love our Selves for who we are, not for what materialistic stuff we have. I know that once the pandemic is over we will all be more careful with how we treat our world and hopefully, each other.

Mother Nature is stronger than humanity and now we MUST pay attention to her demands. Let’s all live with love and peace towards all, and be more in touch with our loved ones (with safety measures in place, if need be).  Remember, we are all connected in some way. 💜💙💚

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