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The power of music

I was watching a special on TV about The Biography of Garth Brooks. I am not a big fan of country music at all, but while listening to his story and some of his music and ideas, I realized that he is full of soul and goodness. His music changed many people’s lives for the better. The 1992 L.A. riots happened and he was there. He saw the city burning and got in touch with Stephanie Davis who wrote the song We Shall be Free. Garth heard the song and said: if you are free to love anybody, it does not matter gender or even if they are blue, if you love them, then you do. It was a way to express how the power of love has no boundaries. This song was oh so powerful, they made a video about the riots with Garth singing the song in the background. It was supposed to be part of the National Anthem at a huge football game but the NFL did not want to show that video.

His music has shown so very much love and compassion that I found myself putting my hands up as in Reiki giving and asking for love to all beings. Music can transform you, and move you to places that will make such a difference in your life, you can not ignore it. In fact, even people who are hearing impaired can feel music just by the vibration. Sound and vibration, while intangible, are forms of energy and energy is what life is made of.

I think that if we routinely clear the energy we each carry inside, we not only can live a much healthier and meaningful life, but we can also be better people. Let’s let go of all that negativity and be more in tune with who we truly are and are meant to be!

Reiki can be a fantastic conduit for that purpose 💚

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