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There is more than one use for Reiki

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

In my last blog I talked about what Reiki is and what my clients say about it. Now I would like to share with you some ways I like to use Reiki.

Besides being a Reiki master, I am also a court certified Spanish interpreter. I interpret mainly in superior court and specialize in sexual assault and child abuse crimes. As you might imagine, it is quite terrifying for a victim to have to sit in the witness chair during a jury trial and tell their horrific story to a jury and a courtroom full of people she or he has never met, in front of the defendant who caused such pain.

I get to sit in a chair next to the victim and interpret everything exactly as it is said from English to Spanish and vice versa. Before going into the court room, I silently call on my Reiki symbols and guides to send a protection bubble over the victim to allow him or her to express themselves without fear. I also carry a crystal specific to what I think is needed, in my pocket so it is as close as possible to the victim and to help them communicate. With the use of Reiki I find I am able to give them strength and courage to be able to do this.

One little girl who had been raped by her dad, brought a teddy bear to court with her. She held that bear tightly with both hands while the prosecutor accompanied her to the witness stand where I was already seated. She sat down and looked at me. I had already sent out Reiki energy for her. She said “Here” and handed the teddy bear to me. As an interpreter I have to be ready for anything and show no emotion at all. I held the bear and petted it while the questioning began. She started to cry, and asked me for her bear back. I gave it to her while I sent more protection to her. She looked at me, then at dad and was able to answer every question. She even looked at the defense attorney straight in the eye while she talked about her terrifying experience. After all was said and done this little girl was excused and I walked out behind her. Once outside the room she hugged her mom and said “Mom, mom, I am so glad I could do it! I feel so strong!”

I have used Reiki and crystals with many many crime victims and truly believe that it is very helpful.

I will be at the East West Bookshop on the 2nd and 4th Sunday a month. Please stop by for a mini or full session and let me help you have some good energy.

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